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Sticky Date Ice Cream

This Sticky Date Ice Cream is a sweet sweet treat on a hot summers day. It's super allergy frendly and can be made with or without an ice cream machine.
Prep Time30 mins
Cook Time20 mins
Total Time6 hrs
Servings: 3
Author: Lisa@mummymade.it



    Sticky Date Ice Cream

    • 1 Cup Dates chopped
    • 1/2 Cup boiling water
    • 1/4 teaspoon Bi-carb Soda
    • 4-5 Tablespoons Maple Syrup/Rice Malt Syrup depending on sweetness desired
    • 1 Cup Coconut Cream the thickened part from the top of a chilled can, divided into 2 1/2 Cups
    • 4 teaspoons Vanilla Extract
    • 1/4 to 1 teaspoon salt start with 1/4 and add to desried taste is reached
    • 1 1/2 Cups Coconut Milk
    • 3 Tablespoons Arrowroot



      Sticky Date Ice Cream

      • Place the dates into a small bowl and cover with boiling water and add the bicarb. Allow to sit and soften for at least 20 minutes.
      • Place the date mixture, maple syrup, vanilla extract and ½ cup of coconut cream in a blender and purée.
      • Pour the purée mixture into a small saucepan and, over a medium heat, stir until bubbling.
      • Reduce the heat to low and add the remaining ½ cup of coconut cream and cook, stirring occasionally for 7-10 minutes, or until slightly thickened.
      • Remove from the heat and stir in the salt and allow to sit for 5 minutes.
      • Add 3/4 Cup of coconut milk and slowly warm over a low/medium heat.
      • Meanwhile, place the extra 3/4 Cup of coconut milk in a small bowl and whisk in the arrowroot, making sure no lumps remains.
      • One the saucepan mixture has warmed, increase the heat to medium/high and add the thickened milk mixture, whisking to combine.
      • Whisk/stir regualry as the mixture starts to thicken. The mixture will become custard like in it's consistancy. Be sure to whisk/stir the bottom of the pot to ensure that the mixture does not stick and burn. This will take 5-10 minutes.
      • Once thickened, allow the mixture to cool slightly.

      Option 1 Ice Cream Machine

      • Place the mixture in the fridge to cool for at least 2 hours. Once cooled, pour into the Ice Cream Machine and mix for the required time (mine was 20 minutes).
      • Serve immediately or freeze in a sealed container briefly until a bit firmer.

      Option 2 No Churn - Blend

      • Pour the mixture into shallow, sealed containers and freeze until set (allow 6-8 hours).
      • Break the frozen mixture into pieces and place in a food processor/blender.
      • Blend on high until creamy (about 2-3 minutes. It will go grainy first; don't stress it goes creamy eventually!).
      • Serve immediately or freeze in a sealed container briefly until a bit firmer.

      Option 3 Freeze

      • Pour the mixture into moulds or a container and freeze for at least 6-8 hours, or until set.
      • The ice cream will need to sit at room temperature for at least 10 minutes to soften to be able to be served.
      • This method isn't as creamy as the previous 2 but still delicious.