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Chocolate Hazelnut Meringue Cake

A moist mudcake (with a secret ingredient) covered in crispy meringue
Prep Time1 hr
Cook Time55 mins
Total Time2 hrs
Servings: 12



    Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

    • 1/2 Cup Maple Syrup
    • 3 teaspoons Vanilla Extract
    • 4 Egg Yolks use the whites in the meringue
    • 2 Eggs
    • 240 grams Sweet Potato baked and puréed
    • 2/3 Cup Cocoa
    • 1 Cup Hazelnut meal
    • 1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder

    Chocolate Meringue

    • 4 Egg Whites
    • 1/2 Cup Coconut/Maple Sugar Maple Syrup could also be substituted
    • 1 teaspoon White Vinegar
    • 1/4 Cup Cocoa
    • 3 teaspoons Arrowroot/Tapicoa



      Chocolate Cake

      • Preheat the oven to 160C. Line and grease a round 20cm springform cake tin.
      • Place the egg yolks and eggs in a mixing bowl with the maple syrup and vanilla extract and beat on high for 5 minutes, or until pale and fluffy.
      • Add the sweet potato and beat until well combined.
      • Sift the dry ingredients together in a bowl and fold through the wet mixture until combined.
      • Bake for 30 minutes.
      • After 30 minutes remove the cake from the oven.
      • Increase the oven to 180C.

      Chocolate Meringue

      • Add the egg whites to the clean bowl of a kitchen stand mixer with a whisk attachment fitted. Beat on medium/high until soft peaks form.
      • Gradually the sugar, 1 Tablespoon at a time, until incorporated into the egg white and the mixture has increased in volume.
      • Add the vinegar and whisk in.
      • Sift the dry ingredients together and fold into the meringue mixture until no streaks remain.
      • Spread the chocolate meringue over the partially cooked cake in the tin and return to the oven (which should be now at 180C) and cook for 20-25 minutes, or until browned.
      • Please note; cooking time for the meringue is based upon using coconut sugar. If using a liquid sweetener keep a close eye on the meringue from 15 minutes onwards. The resultant meringue may 'leak' syrup.
      • Let the Chocolate Hazelnut Meringue Cake cool in the tin for 20 minutes, before using a sharp knife to separate the cake form the tin and remove the sides of the springform tin.
      • Serve either warm or cold with (optional) whipped coconut cream and Strawberries.
      • The sweet potatoness of the cake will subside with time. I found the flavour the best when eaten the next day for breakfast.


      Adapted from Donna Hay