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Sweet Baking with Cassava Flour

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‘Sweet Baking with Cassava Flour’ is the latest FREE eBook from Mummy Made.It and I made it just for you!

I fell in love with Cassava Flour but struggled to find recipes to test out my new gluten free and paleo friendly flour. Cassava Flour is relatively new in the gluten free baking market and I was sure I wasn’t the only person confused about how to use it best. I took my love of desserts and my obsession with creating new, healthier recipes and set to work to make the first ever Cassava Flour sweet recipe book. After much failure, lots of taste testing and many, many bags of flour I can share with you my favourite Cassava Flour recipes. I have included many of your favourites, some speacial treats and one or two over the top crazy desserts (have you ever tried an Eclair Cake?!). I hope this FREE eBook helps you make the most out your Cassava Flour and you find lots of sweet treats to suit your lifestyle. 

20 Free Cassava Flour Recipes!

‘Sweet Baking with Cassava Flour‘ will help you to enjoy your favourite baked goodies again and it’s available to you for FREE to download. It’s really important to me that everyone has the opportunity to eat not only healthier but tasty foods and to feel a part of any celebration..or just indulge their sweet tooth! I too know the misery of watching everyone else eat cake whilst you sit there staring at an empty plate. No more!! With your FREE copy of the ‘Sweet Baking with Cassava Flour’ you too can enjoy the same treats and still stick to your dietary or health goals. The best part is that no on else will know the difference; that’s if you decide to share your cake!

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(Depending on which Browser you’re using you may need to right-click the download button and choose “Save As”)

It’s true; you could add Cassava flour to your favourite old recipes and enjoy a Gluten Free treat, but I wanted to create recipes that catered for more allergies, dietary intolerances and lifestyle choices.

All the recipes in ‘Sweet Baking with Cassava Flour’ are Gluten Free, Paleo, Refined Sugar Free and Dairy Free (you can choose to use dairy milk and cream if you prefer).
To make sure all the treats are lunchbox friendly the recipes are also Nut Free and there are many Egg Free options available.  Not forgetting anyone, there are a few Vegan recipes too. The recipes are designed with low sugar intake in mind and there are Low Fructose options in most recipes (by substituting the Maple Syrup for Rice Malt Syrup and using berries instead of fruits). I have used Coconut Sugar (which can be replaced with Maple Sugar or other granulated sugar) in only a few recipes as it is not fructose friendly.
For your convenience each recipe has a guide to help you navigate your dietary choices.

Now you’ve got your FREE ‘Sweet Baking with Cassava Flour’ eBook, what’s next? Just get cooking! If you are a novice baker try making some cut out cookies first, then some of the tasty muffins and the Chocolate Cake uses only one bowl (yay; no washing up!). As your confidence with baking with Cassava Flour grows move onto a Sponge Cake and fill it with cream and jam. You’ll find the extra recipes for all the creams and pie fillings in the back of the book, or there’s even more here.

But wait.. you’ll need to buy some Cassava Flour first! Cassava Flour is stocked at some specialty stores or can be purchased from Pantry Innovations in Australia or Ottos Naturals in the USA and worldwide.

Here’s what people are saying about ‘Sweet Baking with Cassava Flour’

Shan from My Food Religion

‘All the classics with Mummy Made.It’s awesome healthy hacks. The images are beautiful, the nut-free options are amazing and the recipes look 100% delicious. Can’t wait to get more cassava flour in my life!

Kristy Alford (Zenk) from Slimbirdy

‘I loved it! Sweet Baking with Cassava Flour is a gorgeous book and a godsend for those with gluten issues. Beautifully photographed and simple to follow, you’ll want to get baking straight away. I can’t wait to try it!’

I was not paid to write this eBook, nor will I receive any money from its publication (because it’s FREE!). I was generously supplied two bags of Cassava Flour from my Australian
distributor, Pantry Innovations, however testing these delicious recipes took many more. Sadly, I had to taste test them all! All the opinions and recipes in this eBook are my own. The recipes and images are property of Mummy Made.It. If you would like to use/share a recipe please contact me and I can provide the appropriate files for you.

This eBook does contain affiliate links to both the Australian (Pantry Innovations) and US (Otto’s Naturals) distributors, so if you choose to buy some Cassava Flour I will receive a small commission. This will help me to purchase more Cassava Flour and come up with more delicious recipes. If you live outside these areas please contact Otto’s Naturals to find your local distributor.