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Healthy Baking with Mummy Made.It


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to bake with me, Lisa, aka the #crazyveggielady from Mummy Made.It?

Do you want to start making changes to your families’ food but aren’t sure what to do?

Have you bought a bag of Coconut Flour and have absolutely no idea what to do with it?!

Then the Healthy Baking with Mummy Made.It Podcast is for you!

I’ve taken the most popular recipes from Mummy Made.It and made them into podcasts so you can cook along with me. I’ll share with you my baking advice, some tips on how to get the most out of your ingredients and a random story or two about my day. We will sometimes be joined my little kitchen helpers; which does lead to more than one ‘parenting moment’.

With the ‘Healthy Baking with Mummy Made.It’ Podcasts you will see that my life is just like yours; my kitchen is messy, my kids are noisy and not everything goes to plan. The Podcasts are made in real time, meaning that you can cook the recipe with me and together we can eat (healthy) cake at the end!

Once you’ve listened to a ‘Healthy Baking with Mummy Made.It’ Podcast be sure to take a photo of your tasty treat and share it on Facebook or Instagram using the #mummymadeitpodcast . That way we can share the photo and show everyone how simple and easy it can be to be a healthy baker.

Please click one of the recipes below to play the podcast and see the show notes.
You can also subscribe to the podcast through iTunes (search for Mummy Made.It) or use this feed address ( in your podcast player of choice.