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I love Christmas. I love the decorations, the present giving and, of course, the food. Christmas is the time when kitchens smell like gingerbread and eating cold pudding for dessert is not only accepted, not expected. It is my favourite cooking time of year! With all that Christmas food, countless parties and leftovers it can be easy to over indulge in just a bit too much Christmas cheer. What if I told you there was a better way? A healthier way to eat your festive treats without feeling the post party guilty or that you’ve lost your way? That’s what this book is for. Mummy Made.It a Healthy Christmas is filled with over 70 healthier treats and desserts for the festive season for you and your family to enjoy…one guilt-less treat at a time.

Over 70 Festive Recipes

It has always been my aim to provide recipes that allow everyone to have their slice of cake (or pie or cookie!). Just because you have an allergy or intolerance, or just because you eat well and healthy, doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Food is often the main attraction at Christmas parties and these recipes will help you to maintain your health focus, whilst still being able to indulge. The beauty of these recipes is that no one else will know that what they are eating is a healthier alternative. They look like ‘normal desserts’ and have those same Christmas flavours we all love.

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The recipes in Mummy Made.It A Healthy Christmas use ingredients that are Gluten Free and Dairy Free, that are Paleo friendly and that contain No Refined Sugars. Many recipes contain fruit or vegetables in place of using butter or oil so you can sneak some of your daily requirements into your families dessert. Instead of using processed white sugar the recipes use natural sweeteners including maple syrup, honey, dates, fruits and berries. All the recipes are Gluten free as they use coconut flour, nut meal or arrowroot in place of a wheat based flour. No dairy is used as coconut cream, coconut milk and almond milk are substituted. These are healthier versions of the Christmas Treats you have all gown up loving, and thought you’d never be able to eat again!

Mummy Made.It A Healthy Christmas has been re-released in 2016 with all new recipes, photos and a brand new format. If you purchased an earlier edition you can ‘upgrade’ to the 2017 edition for only $2. Just email me and I’ll get it to you ASAP!

What people saying about ‘Mummy Made.It a Healthy Christmas’

Irena @  Eat Drink Paleo
“When I saw Lisa’s paleo friendly Christmas pudding and cupcakes with cookie dough frosting, I knew I had to have this eBook. I mean, she has 10 recipes using fruit mince alone! Everything you’ve ever wanted to bake for Christmas is made healthier in this book. Lisa has a full chapter on healthy, paleo friendly baking ingredients and how to use them – super useful as a reference guide. With 120 pages of yummy, sweet goodness, I think this is a perfect addition just in time for the festive season.”
“What a joy it was to sit down and read through Lisa @ Mummy Made It latest e-book – A Healthy Christmas. It’s full of beautiful photos, easy to follow recipes and health ingredients that is perfect for an often indulgent season. I’m particularly excited to cook the rocky road marshmallow – YUM! A perfect gift for a foodie friend.”
“What Mummy Made.It has created her is the ultimate family guide to a sugar free Christmas (along with dairy and gluten free). I don’t know how many years I have sat here in November anxious over the Christmas holidays and how much sugar and processed foods my family will consume because there are no alternatives (or I have to reinvent the wheel and think of something that is suitable). Mummy Made.It has done that for me. All the recipes scream YUM and knowing they are a better option for my family is the best! Seeing a gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free CHRISTMAS PUDDING was the winner for us. We miss out on that tradition because of our food sensitivities so seeing that recipe was fabbo. I can’t wait for Christmas now, I can’t wait to bake and create all of Mummy Made.It’s recipes. It’s going to be a coconut cream filled Christmas that’s for sure!!!”
Yvette @ Ella Rinnova
“What a brilliant e-book So many yummy recipes for the Christmas period. When there is so much sugar around for kids at Christmas, this book is a beautiful alternative. Evidence that you can still prepare something completely yummo that the kids will LOVE without having the hypo sugar addiction. Indulge your children this Christmas and take care of them at the same time. My personal faves are the gingernut ripple and the rockyroad wreath #WOW”
Jen @ Jeneral Relativity
“What a great resource for the healthy chef! Not only is this a thorough compilation of holiday yumminess, but it is also a perfect starter guide for a novice cook looking to increase the healthy factor of the food they are preparing in general. This cookbook is complete with a guide to healthier ingredients, where to find them, and how to use them so that you can stock your pantry before you get cooking! You will find the classics as well as new treats to add to your family’s holiday tradition all within the pages of Mummy Made.It A Healthy Christmas. This is truly a one-stop shop that will help you amp up the healthy factor of your holiday cake and eat it too!”
A Healthy Christmas
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“I love to bake and try to keep my creations as healthy as possible, so Mummy Made.It’s Healthy Christmas recipes is a godsend.  I love the sheer variety of recipes, many of which I haven’t even thought to try before and I can’t wait for Christmas to test them all out (literally I can’t wait, I’ve started already!)  I’m loving the recipe for Christmas pudding and can’t wait to use the leftovers in Boxing Day Trifle.  Thanks Mummy Made.It!”
“Having developed coeliac disease over the past few years has made the festive season a harder time to navigate. The recipe’s in Mummy Made It – A Healthy Christmas are a fantastic spin on classic Christmas flavours and favourites, providing better alternatives that can be enjoyed by all. Lisa breaks down all her recipes into simple, manageable steps that can easily be understood and consumed, making the lead up to Christmas an enjoyable one.”