Guilt-less Desserts & Treats for your Family

About Me

Mummy Made.It empowers frustrated and guilt-ridden home cooks to bake and create healthy and tasty desserts and treats. Make sure no one feels left out at the party by drooling over the extensive collection of dietary and allergy friendly recipes, many with hidden veggies, to make every dessert an opportunity to make your family healthier.

When you hear the words ‘Healthy’ and ‘Dietary tolerant foods’ your first thoughts aren’t usually a Layered Lemon Cake or Chocolate Ice Cream. It is my mission to conquer food envy and teach you how to create and bake desserts and treats using healthy and dietary friendly ingredients that the whole family will love because they actually taste good. Even better than good, they taste and look normal (actually better than normal because they’re also good for you).

I’m Lisa; an Aussie Mum, Chiropractor and that #crazyveggielady .
I create innovative allergy and dietary friendly dessert recipes to help families enjoy their healthy cake together.
I love creating trust issues with the people who eat my food by sneaking veggies into their cake…and not telling them about them until they’ve had their 3rd piece!

There I was. A Mum, a Chiropractor and an avid baker…but I couldn’t eat cake.
Everyday I struggled to find foods that didn’t make me sick and felt so jealous of all the ‘normal’ people who took their dessert for granted.
One day (after a particularly nasty period of my life that saw me struggling big time) I found myself with spare time on my hands, an unfulfilled passion to help people and a craving for cake. But not just any cake; healthier cake that I would be happy to serve my family, which wouldn’t result in me being sick or them running around on a sugar high.
Because of my own dietary needs I started to create gluten free and dietary friendly dessert and treat recipes and I found that they actually tasted really good.
In 2014 I started Mummy Made.It, the online home for guilt-less desserts and treats. It’s my place to share honest parenting stories, way too many photos of my cute kids (I may be a bit biased) and innovative and slightly crazy recipes that will help you and your family enjoy cake again…without FOMO or tasteless desserts that could double as weapon.

No one should have to miss out on cake at the party.

No child should feel sad or left out because of allergies that are out of their control.
No Mother should feel guilt-ridden or over-whelmed about wanting to provide the best food for her family.

At Mummy Made.It I provide recipes to help empower you be a healthy Super Mum in the kitchen.