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Tropical Icypoles

You know sometimes you think it’s hot but really it’s just warm. It’s usually at the start of summer when it’s only days since you wore a jumper and you haven’t quite readjusted to the not having to take your hot water bottle to bed. In hindsight its actually quite pleasant but at the time you feel like drowning yourself in ice cubes and declaring a national emergency.

And then there’s those days when it’s not just hot, it’s hot AF.

The days when you can’t go outside without fear of spontaneous combustion or your shoes melting your feet onto the road permanently.

The days when despite the fact that the AC doesn’t actually feel like it’s cooling you down you’re too scared to mess with the settings as you might become a missing person as you melt into the floor boards.

The days when even a cold shower isn’t enough to help you get to sleep and the constant whirl of the overhead fan is like a cruel taunting reminder that you’re never going to get to sleep tonight.

Those days, these weeks have been my January.

Yesterday the temperature reached 45C (113F) and at 10pm it was still 40C (104F). It was oppressively, uncomfortably hot. It was the peak in what’s been like living in an oven for the past few weeks and everyone is exhausted, sweaty and over it.


Besides AC constantky being on (and the 2nd mortgage that I will have to take out to pay for our electricity bills) it has been these Tropical Icypoles that been our saviour. I bought myself a 10 icypole mould for Christmas (I also used them to make these Lamington Ice Creams for Australia Day) and as soon as they are set I get them out and bag them up to be stored in the freezer and then make some more. We all love them, and I’m more than happy to let the kids indulge as they are made from 3 fruits only.

These Tropical Icypoles are made from mango, orange juice and pineapple. They taste refreshing and will help cool you down on the days when you think you may never be able to remove your butt checks from your leather car seats. I have used frozen mango pieces (easy, no mess and cheaper), orange juice (freshly squeezed from the tree) and pineapple (from a can because it was easier and I’m too hot and bothered to try and be all Martha fancy like!) and when I’ve run out of oranges I’ve used a ripe Banana.

The rest is easy; blend and freeze.

Icypole moulds can be bought at most stores (I spied some at Kmart last week) and these are way way healthier than the popular coloured icypoles that all the cool kids eat. These Tropical Icypoles have only  3 ingredients, all of which you can pronounce and know how they grow (as opposed to chemically made).

If you are looking for other ways to cool down try these Carrot Cake Icypoles, my favourite Vanilla Ice Cream or this pretty spectacular Lemon Meringue Ice Cream Cake.

Tropical Icypoles

These 3 ingredient Tropical Icypoles will save you over summer! They’re made from natural ingredients without colouring, flavourings or added sugars. I keep a stock pile in in the freezer to get through the summer heat wave.
Prep Time5 mins
Freezing Time10 hrs
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Summer
Keyword: Icypoles
Servings: 9
Author: Lisa


Tropical Icypoles

  • 1/2 Cup Orange Juice you can swap this for other juice or 1 super ripe squishy Banana
  • 2 Cups Mango pieces I use chopped frozen Mango from the supermarket freezer section
  • 432gm Can Pineapple (in natural juices, not syrup). Crushed, pieces etc are all fine You could sub in fresh pineapple. Use a can that is free from added sugars and additives.


Tropical Icypoles

  • Place all the ingredients into a blender and process until smooth.
    Pour the mixture into the icy pole moulds and set in the freezer overnight.
    The number and freezing time wil depend on the size of the moulds.
    To help release the Tropical Icy Poles from the moulds run them under warm/hot water.

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