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Gluten Free Australia Day Recipes

It’s Australia Day week (that’s a thing right?!) which means it’s totally ok to eat Lamington’s all week long. And of course a good amount of over cooked sausages and crispy BBQ onions. They’ll be flags flying, low riding board shorts and a healthy amount of Aussie Pride.

I’ve put togother a list of my favourite Gluten Free Australia Day recipes, including Lamingtons, Iced VoVo inspired desserts and a few Aussie themed mash ups. I love taking the simple flavours of a Lamington (sponge, chocolate and jam) and turning it into a new dessert. Althougth it probably went a bit too far when I tried to re-create this Adriano Zumbo Pavlington a few years ago.

Let me know your favourite Aussie themed dessert and remember to use #mummymadeitbakeoff and share your creations on social media. I’ll be spending the weekend in typical Aussie fashion; camping by the river with a BBQ and maybe even a night time bushdance!


How awesome is the simple Lamington?! Now these versions may not be CWA approved (I definately didn’t use my ruler to check the perfect size of each slice) but they are super tasty. If you’re looking for a quick option try the Lamington Cookies or the Donuts but if it’s going to be a hot day try the Lamington Ice Cream Cake instead.


The Iced VoVo is a classic Aussie biscuit from my childhood and this desserts are inspired by the coconut and raspberry flavoured biscuit.


What do you get when you ake a classic Aussie dessert nad put a new spin on it? An Aussie mash-up!

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