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Podcast: Grandmas Boiled Fruit Cake

Pod Cast: Grandmas Boiled Fruit Cake

Adapting Grandmas Boiled Fruit Cake recipe was surprisingly easily. I swapped the butter for pumpkin, subbed Gluten Free flours for the Wheat flour and left out the sugar. I thought one can of pineapple and a packet of mixed fruit would suffice and an extra cup of sugar wasn’t really required (no wonder Granddad had diabetes!). This cake bakes for a long time… a really long time, but it’s worth the wait. Grandmas Boiled Fruit Cake is moist, slightly fruity and wonderfully nostalgic. It’s not firm or hard like a boxed fruit cake is (you can find  a firmer recipe in my eBook ‘Mummy Made.It A Healthy Christmas’; it’s soft and melts in your mouth. Grandmas Boiled Fruit Cake is easy to make and tastes like Christmas past.


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  1. Lisa, I cannot wait to try this! For me, fruitcake always brings memories of one of my maternal aunts who could NOT let the Holiday pass without giving EVERYONE a small store bought fruitcake. Over the years she tried them from various stores and finally found one she liked (more cake than fruit). I grew up eating a slice each year and thinking about how to tweak them to make them better (definitely more fruit than flour LOL), but as the years have passed I have developed an intolerance to gluten and to lactose (unfortunately my granddaughter, now 11 years old, also has the same intolerances), AND THEN YOU CAME ALONG 😉 Thank you for sharing your Grandma’s boiled fruitcake recipe, and thank you for tweaking it to fit OUR dietary needs. I can have fruitcake for Christmas again 🙂 AND maybe my granddaughter will give it a try, like it, and carry it on, too 🙂 MERRY CHRISTMAS LISA ! …..

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