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Podcast: Healthy Chocolate Tiny Teddies

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Podcast: Healthy Chocolate Tiny Teddies

These Healthy Chocolate Tiny Teddies take 5 minutes to make and 10 minutes to bake (allowing for 30 minutes in-between for the dough to rest).  The process is the same; blend all the ingredients together, rest then roll and cut. It’s too easy! If you don’t like Teddies then these biscuits can be made any shape (I saw some very cute rabbits that a reader had posted on Instagram). I used my (cleaned) playdoh cutters to make small biscuits but you can make them larger; you may just need to modify your baking times. If you are feeling adventurous, try adding some additive free sprinkles or dairy free chocolate chips or even dipping them in melted chocolate after they’ve been baked. Yeah; that would be great!

Show Notes

Link to Healthy Chocolate Tiny Teddies recipe

Link to Dairy Free Chocolate Chips recipe

Link to Cookie Dough Truffles recipe


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