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Podcast: Vanilla Ice Cream

Podcast: Vanilla Ice Cream

In the past I have made no churn Ice Creams but I have always struggled with coconut based Ice Creams as they can be too icy and not creamy like their dairy cousins. Vanilla Ice Cream has always been my nemesis and I’ve never quite got it to work properly… until now. This Vanilla Ice Cream is creamy, not icy and it tastes just like real Vanilla Ice Cream. It also happens to be Dairy Free, Egg and Nut Free, Paleo and Vegan friendly.

I tried making Ice Cream every which way I could find; with egg yolks, with thickeners, without added anything’s and one with half a mint bush. After much experimentation I found this to be my favourite Vanilla Ice Cream. This Vanilla Ice Cream uses Arrowroot to thicken the mixture and create the creamy texture what we all love. The alternative is to use egg yolks, but I found that the extra effort didn’t equate to better Vanilla Ice Cream, and being Egg-less makes it Vegan friendly too.There are several tricks to getting the best out of your ice cream, but I must confess that the new/old Ice Cream Maker machine made a huge difference. It created more air in the mixture and it had the consistency of a self-serve ice cream. Alternatively, freezing the Vanilla Ice Cream in shallow containers then blending it in a food processor also created a creamy Vanilla Ice Cream. The last option would be to simply freeze the mixture straight from the pot but it does create a bit more of an icy Vanilla Ice Cream although still super tasty.

Show Notes

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