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Podcast: Gluten Free Scones

Podcast: Gluten Free Scones

I found myself on the weekend without a recipe to publish and share with you this week. I took to my Facebook page to ask for suggestions and there were 3 that I’ve taken to task, the first being these Gluten Free Scones. Julie requested Scones that actually tasted like real scones, and I knew what she meant. I have tried making Gluten Free Scones in the past and they’ve been either as hard as a rock or have ended up flat like a tough pancake. Scones are hard, man.

But with some experimenting I came up with these Gluten Free Scones and I couldn’t be happier… and so are my family who have been living on a diet of scones, jam and cream for the past two days. The scones are based on a traditional scone recipe with a few noticeable exceptions. I have used a mixture of Arrowroot and Coconut Flour to make the flour base. As neither of these contain raising agents I have added baking powder to the flour. Instead of butter, coconut oil is used. The coconut oil must be firm (or just softened) and not melted. Because of the Gluten Free flour mix I have added a small amount of Vanilla Extract to the recipe. This helps to mask the slightly bitter taste that can come from baked arrowroot.

Show Notes

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