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Podcast: Cassava Flour Pancakes

Podcast: Cassava Flour Pancakes

There are some foods that I have struggled to recreate with the success that I require in order to share a recipe with you. Scones, Dumplings and Pancakes have been my nemesis for many years. Arrowroot made them too heavy, Nut Meal made them too coarse and Coconut Flour was too fine. Trust me; there have been many, many failed experiments, but I think I have now found the answer!


How does it compare to other non-traditional flours? At first glance a packet seems to be on the more expensive side but it works out to be roughly the same as Almond Meal. It has a more neutral flavour and texture than the coarseness of most nut meals and is far easier to use than Coconut Flour. It is quite different in cooked texture than its ‘sister flour’ Tapioca (which tends to thicken and be quite heavy) and is much better suited to traditional baking.

And the Cassava Flour Pancakes? Gone quicker than I could cook them. That’s always the best indication! Otto’s Cassava Flour can be purchased exclusively in Australia from Pantry Innovations or in the USA from Ottos Naturals.

Show Notes

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