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Gluten Free and Paleo Christmas Desserts and Treats

Christmas Pudding (12)

Merry Christmas from the Mummy Made.It Family

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You see the photo of my three children and Santa? Cute aren’t they? Well let me tell you that photo was a fluke! It took 3 visits to Santa to get the kids ‘warmed up’ (i.e. not frightened of the jolly red man), much bribery (a valid parenting tool!) and about 50 rapid fire shots by the very forgiving photographer. It’s probably our best Santa photo to date, but the bar was set pretty low!

Today I want to take away some of the Christmas stress for you (and lets face it it’s not always an easy time of year, primarily due to the constant playing of Mariah Carey Christmas Carols at the supermarket) by sharing with you some of my favourite Gluten Free and Paleo Christmas Desserts and Treats. There are the traditional Christmas favourites, lots of gingerbread and, of course, chocolate. Some of the recipes come from my E-Book ‘Mummy Made.It A Healthy Christmas‘ which is available for instant download for $12.99 AUD and most are found here on Mummy Made.It.

I hope you have a wonderfully tasty Christmas, filled with spices, gingerbread and many happy memories!


White Christmas Crackles
Christmas Sales Page2 Orange and CRanberry Bread (7) Christmas Sales Page12


Christmas Sales Page3 Melonmakarona (2) Chocolate Ginger bread

Gingebread BIscuits2  


chocolate caramel cake (7)     Chocolate Pudding cream Pie (2)

Christmas Sales Page16

Christmas Sales Page13) Snickers Brownie Tart (11)


Gingerbread Man Cake (20)    Gingerbread House3 Christmas Sales Page17

Paleo Gingerbread Cupcake6


Brandy Fruit Mince Cream Pie (5) Fruit Mince Tart4 rotated Early Christmas 2015 (7)

Christmas Sales Page9 HOw to Make Fruit Mince

Boiled Friot Cake (7) Christmas Sales Page10  


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