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Top 10 recipes of 2014

WOW! 2014 has been a huge year for Mummy Made.It. We got a new website, a new logo and branding and still managed to publish over 100 recipes.

It’s been a year of firsts; I released my first eBook (a huge thank you to all those who bought it), coined the term Dinnert (sadly it hasn’t taken off yet despite my prolific use of #) and had my recipes shared on the websites of people I have long admired.

On a personal note; it’s been a year of lots of physical personal achievements. I started the year with my first Half Marathon and ended the year with a 25km race. I completed in 5 obstacle course races, totalling 76kms of mud, electric fences and torn pants. I ran trail races, scored myself some fugly t-shirts and had lots of fun.

2014 also saw some tasty, slightly oddball, but always healthier, desserts and treats. When I decided to put together my top 10 for the year I was faced with a problem; how could I narrow the field down to 10? My criteria for ‘making the grade’ was what made my tummy rumble just thinking about it… and here you have it. The Top 10 Recipes from 2014 that make Lisa’s tummy scream ‘feed me now’!

Whilst I like to say that all the recipes are equal that would be a lie, for there is one that is my favourite; perhaps my favourite dessert of all time. The Donut and Strawberry Valentines Trifle is the perfect dessert; custard, jelly, donuts and cream. It has become a tradition that this trifle is eaten post-race (perhaps that’s why we did so many races!) and it is loved by everyone… even dessert haters (and yes such a strange person does exist!). Sadly there are never any leftovers, but I’m more than happy to make it again!

The other recipes to round out the top 10 were:
Chocolate Energy Balls, Sweet Potato Chocolate and Bacon Cake (for whom Dinnert was coined), Lemon Tart, Golden Gaytime Cake, Hot Cross Buns (even the Easter Bunny would turn Paleo for these), Dairy Free Marscarpone (a revelation!), Sweet Potato Custard (the pinnacle of my sweet potato addiction), Banana Flour Cupcakes (with home made Banana Flour) and Chocolate Cupcakes (which no one will ever know are frosted with Avocado).

So tell me, what was your favourite recipe for 2014? Was it the same as mine? What would you like to see in 2015? Let me know and I will try my best to healthify it for you.

Thank you for visiting, reading and cooking from Mummy Made.It. My passion is for healthy cooking and my blog justifies the excessive amount of time I spend in the kitchen!












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