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Banana Flour

Banana Flour (6)

Camping has never been my preferred style of holidaying, but in the name of family time, money saving and regular breaks I have accepted my fate as a (happy?) camper. This may now change in light of the past 48 hours.

We have been on a camping holiday staying at a huge caravan park next to the beach. The view was spectacular, the beach was only a stones throw away and the showers had adequate water pressure. It was pretty good!
2 days ago the weather started to change and a huge storm hit our beachside haven. There was lightning, thunder, rain and strong winds. The tent was blowing side to side, the rain was so loud that you couldn’t hear each other talk and the lightning lit up the night sky. Thankfully the storm passed after a few hours and the tent didn’t suffer any major damage. We thought we’d seen the worst of it…

The next day the clouds started to turn a nasty black, the winds picked up speed and then the rain started to fall. Actually, bucket down is probably a better term and the winds were gale force and straight from the ocean so it was freezing. We bunkered down in our tent, strengthened by extra pegs, as the tent swayed back and forth until it felt like it was going to topple over. The rain was so heavy and the winds howled with such gusto that communication was impossible. As the top layer of the tent started to fly like a kite above us the (very wise) decision was made to evacuate to a cabin. As it turns out we were the only people left in a tent and to complicate matters the town had lost power, the boom gates need to be lifted for us and the cabin was dark, but dry. The wind and rain did not let up all night, as even the cabin swayed in the near cyclonic conditions.

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The tent was barely standing this morning. It was flooded, the pulleys snapped and the only reason the cover wasn’t in the ocean was it had been tethered to a nearby tree. The clothes, beds, food, towels and shoes that remained in the tent overnight were wet through, including the soggy cereal and bread which made for an interesting breakfast. Needless to say it will take days to clean and dry everything! Most importantly we were all safe; wet, cold and tired but otherwise unscathed.

In trying to reassure the kids during the storm(s) we decided that this would make a good adventure story to share at Kinder: the night our tent almost got washed into the ocean! I’m very glad to be going home where my roof will protect me much better than a thin layer of material and plastic… and I can get back into my kitchen.

I feel like I’m doing you an injustice calling this a recipe, but trust me it will be worth it when I post the Banana Banana Flour Cupcakes with Banana Cream recipe in a few days time. Let’s call it a ‘How to Make’ post and you can get cracking on making your own Banana Flour. That way you can make the cupcakes as soon as they land in your in box.

I did not come up with this crazy idea. I saw it months ago on Minimalist Baker when they used Banana chips to make banana powder for a smoothie decoration. The idea stayed with me until last week when I came across a bag of Banana Chips in the cupboard. I had a flash back, a lightbulb and then a sudden urge for cupcakes. Making Banana Chips is soo simple. All you need is a blender/food processor. I used store bought Banana Chips, but I will try my hand at making my own soon.

Trust in my madness. The cupcakes are worth it. My husband says they’re his favourite….EVER!

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Banana Flour

Crazy but it works!
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time5 mins
Total Time10 mins



  • Banana Chips I use natural store bought chips but you can make your own too



  • Place the banana chips into a blender and process until the chips are broken down and a fine meal/flour is formed. This may take between 1 and 5 minutes depending on the power of your blender.
  • The banana flour will have a similar consistency to nut meal.
  • Store in an air tight container.
  • Banana flour can be used in baking in place of nut meal, however it may behave differently.
  • Check out Mummy Made.It for tested recipes using banana flour.


Adapted from Minimalist Baker

8 Comments to Banana Flour

  1. Glad you are all safe and sound (apart from possessions)! Like the way you turned it into an adventure rather than a trauma. A real boys own adventure to remember.

    • I know it’s wierd isn’t it! It gives me so many ideas for making other flours/meals….not sure if broccoli flour would work though!

  2. It was a bit touch and go for a while! In the end the boys were excited to find that the cabin had a TV and they got to watch Fireman Sam.

  3. Although they may be young to remember the actual events, I bet they will always remember the story! Banana flour sounds very intriguing!

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