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12 Recipes of Christmas

12 Christmas recipes… Actually I have many more that I want to try, have tried and desperately need to eat but there is a limit on the amount of Christmas cheer my kitchen and waistline can handle!
12 Christmas recipes that are better alternatives to your traditional favorites (even some that are vegan friendly!).
12 recipes that (fingers crossed) will bring you Christmas cheer without the guilt, food intolerances or the day after bulge.
It has always been my aim to provide people with recipes that don’t make you feel like you are missing out (food envy is something we intolerant/healthy people know all too well), but instead are inclusive. Food, especially dessert, is about sharing and having fun. Just because you choose to watch what you eat, or have allergies, you shouldn’t be excluded from the festivities. Here are 12 recipes that are sure to fool your guest into thinking they’ve been naughty, when really it’s just soooo nice!
  Christmas Pudding
I’ll be uploading recipes in the lead up to Christmas and posting the links below. Please let me know your favorites!
All recipes are gluten and diary free, and contain no processed sugars. I have used Golden syrup (as well as maple syrup or honey) in some of the recipes. Molasses could also be substituted.

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