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Party Season

It’s fast approaching party season. 
The time when you seem to have something on every 2nd night, and every other night is spent trying to get organised for the impending festive season (which I think we may already be in judging by the amount of Christmas decorations already for sale). It’s a busy time of year and we often neglect our health priorities in lieu of fun and too much (drinkable) Christmas cheer. 
Now, I’m no Grinch. I LOVE Christmas (you’ll see this during my December recipe posts). I had a pink Christmas tree for many years (we had to retire it last year as it was looking more dirty white than pink), I collect musical Christmas ornaments and I love to torment my husband by having as many annoying musical, dancing Christmas toys as possible. But whilst I’m not a Christmas Grinch I can be a party pooper when it comes to food, so I usually endeavor to always take something of my own to parties. This way I know that there will be something there that I can eat, and it’s an opportunity to show people that parties don’t have to end up with sugar hyped up kids on a red food dye high.
This is a how to guide on throwing healthier parties. 

Honey Crackles

No, I don’t mean only carrot sticks and hummus; parties should be fun and part if that is the colour and taste of the food. These foods are healthier alternatives (gluten, dairy, additive, processed sugar free versions) which won’t put you on Santa’s naughty list.
Part of the trick is not making it look like it’s different. Eating is not only a taste experience; it’s also about the visual and smell sensations. Decorating cakes and cupcakes with fruit, frostings and even accessories (flags, pictures etc.) make people feel like there at a celebration. Use brightly colored cupcake liners, trays and plates. It may seem like a simple idea but dressing up your healthy treats is a good way of tricking people!
Elmo cake decorated with fruit and berries
The party food I have put together are healthier versions of well-loved foods. This can be troublesome as they won’t taste exactly the same as the normal sugar loaded options; however people will feel safer eating something that they know rather than something new (even if it has been chickpead!)
I take a lot of pleasure in informing guests about the mystery (and often odd) ingredients in my food… but sometimes it’s better to keep your secrets to your self! It doesn’t matter how much someone loved your cupcake; once you tell them it has chickpeas in it they are unlikely to go back for another. Part of the joy about eating party food is the joy of getting away with eating something a bit naughty. Let them have their guilty pleasure… we know that the spinach in their ice cream will boost their Popeye muscles!
The following yummy treats will be coming your way over the next week as we celebrate the start of a healthier festive season. Make sure you subscribe to Mummy Made It emails, or like me on Face book. That way you won’t miss a tasty bite!

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