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Whipped Coconut Cream

Whipped Coconut Cream

What was the race, event, quest you ask? Does it matter? Whipped Coconut Cream would win every time.

If I was to win a marathon I would want my trophy to be made out this stuff so I could gobble it down straight away. It’s fluffy, sweet and tastes so decadent that you forget that it’s not made from dairy.  Faux-dairy? Faux-care! I love this stuff.

This wasn’t always the way though. Whipped Coconut cream and I have had a mixed history, but like most BFF’s (did I mention that my new best friend is a dairy substitue?!) we got there in the end. The key is to buy the right coconut cream; the more organic and preservative/thickner free the better. I know, because I’ve gone through many cans of coconut cream trying to achieve perfection but, alas, all I got was a faux-mess. This week I struck gold with Aldis weekly specials, and have since gone back to buy a slab!


This cream tastes great with Paleo Chocolate Cake and is used for the Chocolate Bavarian Pie. It also tastes great using a spoon, your finger or licking it straight out of the bowl. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself making secret trips back to the fridge to steal spoonfuls when no one is looking!

NB; You may notice that the bowl in the photo is looking a bit empty. Confession; it was full but it tastes so good that I couldn’t leave it alone! The recipe makes much more… so when you make it you’ll know how much of a piggy I am!


Whipped Coconut Cream

Prep Time1 d
Cook Time10 mins
Total Time1 d 10 mins


  • 1 can Coconut Cream 400ml can (see above notes on types of coconut creams), opened and in fridge overnight
  • 2 teaspoons Maple Syrup
  • 2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract


  • Scoop the thickened cream from the tin, discarding the watery liquid at the bottom.
  • Place the cream in a mixing bowl of a kitchen stand and beat using a whisk attachment.
  • Add the maple syrup and vanilla and continue whisking until thick (this can take up to 10 minutes depending on the quality of your cream).
  • Depending on your taste buds you may require more sweetener.
  • Keep refridgerated.


2 Comments to Whipped Coconut Cream

  1. Hiya,

    Will give it a try for son is lactose intolerant and I’m always on the look-out for dairy-free recipes. Good job!:)

    • This is my favourite Shane. I have made so many different flavours too. It may take a bit of trial and error to find the right brand of coconut milk/cream. Remember to shake the cans first and make sure that it’s not too runny

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