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Sticky Date Pudding

Are you Christmas ready? Me? Maybe-ish. I mean the important stuff is done. The tree is up, we’ve been eating gingerbread for weeks and I’ve bought my own Christmas present (new trail runners so I don’t fall on my face) but I’m sure there’s a few things more to add to my to do list.Continue Reading

Raspberry and Beetroot Ice Cream

  It’s the first day of Summer and to mark the change in season I wanted to share with you the first of many refreshing recipes to come to you as I slowly melt away. But before I get to the secret ingredient in these hot pink Ice Creams (the clue is in the name)…Continue Reading


It’s Christmas… well, it’s nearly December so that’s good enough for me. It’s time to get the Christmas Tree up, to start singing carols whilst aimlessly walking around shopping centres and it’s finally socially acceptable to start eating Gingerbread! Christmas is my favourite time of year to cook and this year there are so manyContinue Reading

Peanut Butter Popcorn and Caramel Cake

I was at the supermarket recently when a man, who I shall refer to as Crocodile Dundee, informed me that I should dress better. Actually, he’s words were something like “You should dress better like your kids”. I found this quite offensive for many reasons, the first being that he was wearing an acid washContinue Reading

Vegetable Smores Ice Cream

Have you ever been so tired that you thought you might vomit? Have you ever been so lacking in sleep that your head aches and your eyes hurt just trying to keep them open? Have you ever been so utterly physically exhausted that words don’t come out as sentences, merely strings of unrelated ramblings? HaveContinue Reading

Halloween Cookies

  I don’t do scary well. Scary movies and I have never been friends. I jump and squirm. I watch from behind my sweaty hands covering my eyes. I gasp and scream way before anything actually happens. I am not a scary movie fan. It’s not just movies that make me jump with fright. AnContinue Reading

Pumpkin Cardamom and Coconut Bread

My Facebook and Pinterest feeds have been taken over with pumpkin recipes of late (did you see the Pumpkin Spice Flavoured Chlorox? Still not sure if that was real or not). As the other side of the world starts boasting about their coloured leaves and pumpkin spice everything all I can think of when IContinue Reading