Guilt-less Desserts & Treats for your Family

Snickers Crepe Cake

Let’s talk about sleep deprivation post babies for a minute (any longer than that and I’ll fall asleep!). Everyone expects when you have a baby that you’ll be sleep deprived. No one is surprised when you start to fall asleep at the dinner table or have the obvious baggage checked in under your eyes.  There’sContinue Reading

Fennekin Cake

  Sam started school 2 weeks ago. When your children start school it’s a strange mix of happiness, relief and grief. You’re happy that they get to embark on their next big adventure. Sam was more than ready to start school and he was so excited to be able to park his bike with theContinue Reading

Cherry Ice Cream

These are my knees   I just finished chatting to a young woman (as she de-jungled my legs!) who commented that she could “never wear shorts like that” (referring to my shorty shorts) as she hates her knees. She never wears shorts and if she’s wearing a dress she hides her knees. She thinks herContinue Reading

Crepe Cake

Do you Valentine? Do you buy sickly sentimental cards and give/receive roses that wilt and drop all over the bench? Can you guess that I’m a cynic? No that’s not true. It’s not that I’m anti Valentines Day, I’m just not a fan of the over commercialised nature of the ‘day’ and the social expectationsContinue Reading

German Chocolate Cake

Like all busy mothers I have the best of intentions. I do a wash with the intention of hanging it out…and it usually does get out on the line within the next 36 hours. I open the dish washer door with the intention of emptying it…and I do when I need something from it. IContinue Reading

Roasted Apricot Ice Cream

I made a promise to myself after my last post that I would not lay off the ice cream recipes for a bit. The last recipe for Apple Crumble Ice Cream was pretty awesome and I didn’t want to give you all ice cream fatigue/overload (is that even a thing after the latest heat wave?)…butContinue Reading

Apple Crumble Ice Cream

Teaching your kids about right and wrong seems like an easy job. Being nice is right. Being mean is wrong. Simple right? But what about when doing the right thing means you ‘lose’, miss out or feel like you’ve done something wrong? As adults most of us have experienced some kind of situation where weContinue Reading