Guilt-less Desserts & Treats for your Family

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have tried a few times today to sit down and write a great story for you. I started writing one about how I’ve given up Sweet Potatoes and am now getting my carbs from Ice Cream but that seemed too sad to share. I then thought about writing a letter to you admitting thatContinue Reading

Podcast: Healthy Chocolate Tiny Teddies

Podcast: Healthy Chocolate Tiny Teddies These Healthy Chocolate Tiny Teddies take 5 minutes to make and 10 minutes to bake (allowing for 30 minutes in-between for the dough to rest).  The process is the same; blend all the ingredients together, rest then roll and cut. It’s too easy! If you don’t like Teddies then theseContinue Reading

Banana Split Poke Cake

My husband used the phrase ‘Bin Chicken’ on the weekend to describe an Ibis. You know the Ibis; a lanky looking bird who apparently feeds from left overs? Now, whilst I am no ‘Bin Chicken’ I have become a ‘Bin Stalker’ of sorts recently… but only out of the need to avoid looking like IContinue Reading

Vanilla Ice Cream

I’ve been on a bit of a cleanse lately. No, not one of those diet based cleanses that leaves you clinging to the toilet bowl for dear life, but a house cleanse… or more specifically a linen cupboard purge. It all started when we decided to give H a bedroom make over for his 8thContinue Reading

Podcast: Vanilla Ice Cream

Podcast: Vanilla Ice Cream In the past I have made no churn Ice Creams but I have always struggled with coconut based Ice Creams as they can be too icy and not creamy like their dairy cousins. Vanilla Ice Cream has always been my nemesis and I’ve never quite got it to work properly… untilContinue Reading

Pumpkin Spice Cookies

I overheard a very funny and cute conversation between my two boys today. They were out on the trampoline after school (as they are most days) and 5yo S said to 8yo H “Can you believe that Nana Fe traveled backwards through time?” Following this was an in-depth discussion on how far she traveled inContinue Reading

Gluten Free Chocolate Donuts

  How do you choose a holiday destination? Do you get a map and throw a dart, or just take off and drive until you find somewhere that looks nice? Our trips away are mostly to visit to family or centered around a running event but sometimes they are all about the food! Yep… aContinue Reading